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Get ready to transform your business with Customer Value Analysis!

Eric Zahrai

February 22, 2023

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Get ready to discover the power of Customer Value Analysis! This amazing tool helps businesses understand their markets and customers better, prioritize unmet needs, and shift to a value-based approach that puts customers first. By engaging with customers at all levels, businesses can identify and clarify their needs and create value that positions the business to win big with compelling value propositions.

The process of Customer Value Analysis is exciting and includes the following steps:

  • Business Intelligence (gathering of information from within and without the organization)
  • Market analysis (including five forces, umbrella analysis and market landscape)
  • Segmentation (includes a graphical grouping of similar markets and customers)
  • Customer selection and targeting (tools and techniques)
  • Positioning (based on gap analysis)
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy

To effectively segment markets and customers, businesses need to ensure that the segments are distinct, targeted, actionable, profitable, and offer potential competitive advantages.

The targeting process is where the magic happens. With a thorough analysis of each targeted customer, businesses can assess their strategy from the customer’s perspective, review their products and services, value system, and value chain. A deep dive into their publicly available financial information provides invaluable insights to understand their challenges and improve their financial performance. By understanding the customer's buying behavior, businesses can align their front-end activities and maximize their impact.

A customer value analysis is the key to positioning your business for success! By developing compelling value propositions and equipping your commercial teams to sell value effectively, your business will stand out from the crowd and win big. Get ready to transform your business with Customer Value Analysis!