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piaggio fast forward

Client: Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF)

Bellevue International undertook a 6 month long Fractional Business Development and Sales initiative for Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF). The primary aim was to introduce PFF’s technology to B2B OEM markets, engaging with new customers and conducting strategic meetings with key decision-makers.

The project surpassed expectations by not only meeting but exceeding its engagement targets, conducting multiple meaningful meetings. Additionally, it successfully secured Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), establishing a foundation for potential collaborations, and identifying potential pilots in the fulfillment and defense industries, and off-highway automotive markets.

Leveraging Bellevue International’s network, the project developed a compelling value proposition for PFF and executed a practical outreach strategy. Kim Karvonen, VP of Sales at PFF, expressed gratitude for Eric Zahrai’s valuable contributions, acknowledging his network, relationship skills, and strategic vision for connecting PFF with opportunities. The collaboration exemplifies success in B2B OEM markets, highlighting Bellevue International's pragmatic approach and Eric Zahrai's instrumental role in achieving the project's objectives.