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Elevating Sales Excellence through WMU's Proven Methodology

Professional Selling Class

Eric Zahrai has partner with WMU in cultivating the next generation of sales leaders through the "Professional Selling" curriculum based on "selling the Western Way". For over a decade, the program has earned national recognition for its dedicated focus on hands-on experiential learning, making it one of the top undergraduate sales programs in the country.

The Approach: The ethos of "Selling the Western Way" empowers students with a structured path to success. This approach revolves around three core principles: Learning how to sell, Learning how to lead, and Learning how to win. By instilling skills in preparation, communication, facilitation, and persistence, students develop a shared sales language. This linguistic foundation enables them to navigate the sales process seamlessly, gaining a profound understanding of clients, connecting with tailored solutions, and effectively closing deals.

Real-World Partnerships (Gartner and Piaggio Fast Forward): To enhance practical learning, our program has formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders, such as Gartner and Piaggio Fast Forward. In a unique scenario, students must sell themselves to a Gartner recruiter before interviewing with the fictitious VP of Sales at Gartner. Once hired, they are challenged to secure the first sales meeting with the VP of Sales of a client company by applying the tools and best practices of the "Selling the Western Way" Sales Process.

Adapting Success: Recognizing the effectiveness of the "Selling the Western Way" methodology, Bellevue International has seamlessly integrated this proven approach to train sales teams involved in diverse B2B markets. By incorporating these principles into our training programs, we ensure that sales professionals are equipped with the skills and mindset essential for success in the competitive landscape of global B2B markets.